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» Monday, January 12, 2009
Jack Frost visited last night. When I opened the garage door in the dark of the morning, I could see that the streetlight had picked out the two cars across the street. They were coated in frost on every horizontal surface. The lawns were stiff and white as well. There was still a big gibbous moon out that would have illuminated the frost if the light had not.

Last night when I was reading the newspaper I came upon a story buried at the bottom of the page about CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding having resigned on Friday. In the very next line it said she was asked to resign by the incoming administration, which seems to be a polite way of saying she was fired. A rather bloodless way of putting it. Wow. I expected to see an e-mail about it in my inbox when I logged on this morning, but there was nary a word. Odd.

[Later: Well, jolly...the e-mail server is down and I can't do the purchase order I finished because one computer system isn't talking with the other. What am I supposed to do—knit?]

[Even later: Terrific. Had to reschedule my SmartCard appointment until tomorrow since their system is down.]

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