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» Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Back to Work
I know. I went back to work on Monday. I read all my e-mails (not as many as I feared), responded to those that needed response, ditto with the couple of phone messages, printed out new orders, worked on old ones, did at least one and also a modification, started another order, and put in my request for access to Markview (for the third time; I think it's finally "taken"). But I was feeling so wretched in the heat for two days I don't feel like I actually was there, if that makes any sense.

I must, must, must remember to take my vitamins every day. You would think that with two weeks home I would have taken them regularly, but I didn't, even though they are lined up in precise formation on the sink in the hall bath and I go in there a dozen times a day. I either haven't eaten (taking vitamins on an empty stomach negates their effect), or I've just taken ibuprofin or some Tylenol...or some PeptoBismol or some Gas-X and don't want to take the vitamins on top of another medication, or am in a rush or something. It's got to stop. I especially need the soy isoflavones.

Outside, after a brief glimpse of sun, it is cloudy again. The cold front has finally come through and I have changed from my shorts and t-shirt of early morning to my more comfy sweats, although it is still 70°F in the house. With the windows closed it holds heat well. The windows and the fans are open in the bedroom and it feels delightful. Boy, I wish we could have slept later. It was hard getting to sleep last night because it was still sticky out, but it was nice this morning. I was in quite a sound sleep and so disappointed when James' alarm went off.

During my lunch break and again after work I will need to get cracking and start putting away decorations. James pulled the boxes down for me this morning before he left for work, and I already have a few things down, like the window candles upstairs.

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