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» Saturday, January 31, 2009
Avoiding the Shoppers
There seemed to be a conspiracy against us getting to sleep late this morning. Willow was barking sharply at quarter till eight. The sharp bark usually means she needs to go out. So James got out of bed and took her out, then came back to bed. Then the phone rang. Someone was collecting for something. Then Willow started barking again. Sigh.

Despite being woken rather early, we didn't get on the road until noon. I wanted to finish all or as much of the shopping today as we could, as I already expected the supermarkets to be clogged with folks buying supplies for the Stupid Bowl. Kroger, however, was quite civilized. Since we had first stopped at CVS with a coupon and gotten some "particle board bars" as James calls the Nature Valley granola bars he buys, we also got some milk at Kroger. (Usually we get milk at BJs or Costco, since it's so much cheaper. The difference in the price of a gallon of milk in both stores pays the membership price for both stores. But I expected both stores to be a zoo because you can buy bulk meat and party supplies, and since we already had the granola bars, I didn't want to have to go there.) I'm probably going to have to dump most of a gallon of BJ's milk. The sell-by date was today, but it is already going sour. I can get a couple more glasses out of it by adding coffee syrup to cover the taste, but that's about it. BJ's milk does this all the time.

We brought those groceries home, then headed for happier destinations. We were at the hobby shop for over an hour, but I was absorbed in Deanna Raybourn's Silent in the Sanctuary and didn't care. From there we went to Borders at East Cobb. Nothing struck my fancy on this trip; Temptation of the Night Jasmine is out, but I'm waiting for the Amazon coupon I'm redeeming from Hi-Points to get that, unless between now and then Borders does one of their "surprise" 40 percent off coupons. The discount is better on Amazon. Also got some watermelon candies at Fuzziwig's. The guy there is so nice; he will take the bin of Jolly Ranchers out for me and sort out the watermelon candies. It was so much easier when they sold individual bags!!!

Stopped at Michaels; ironically James found something and I didn't. I think it sucks that they don't allow you to use coupons on books anymore. I can see not being able to use them on magazines, but on books is silly.

Made a stop at Trader Joe's for fixings for a salad tomorrow night, then came home via Food Depot to get some sugar-free Blue Bunny ice cream bars.

We ate in tonight. I had some of the light Select Harvest Italian wedding soup we got on sale at Kroger along with half a demi-baguette from Trader Joe's "zooped" in the soup, while I watched Rick Steves help shill for public television. James took some ground turkey and mixed it with oriental noodles and had that as his meal, and for dessert we each had an ice cream bar with a This Old House chaser. :-) A new season of This Old House began two weeks ago. I didn't particularly like the last series, where they built a house using reclaimed items. I prefer them restoring an old home, and the new series is a corker: they are fixing up a 104-year-old brownstone in Brooklyn which had most lately been a rooming house. Although this home has been abused for several years, most of its amazing woodwork, like this gorgeous fretwork between the front parlor and the rear survived intact. (Go to The New York Project page, click on "feature articles," and once there, check out the "Gorgeous Period Details" article, where you can see more of the wonderful woodwork!)

The family that bought it is actually dividing the four storeys into three living spaces: the basement, where the servants originally worked when the brownstone was built, is being renovated into an apartment. The family will live on the first and second floors, and the third floor will be another apartment.

Right now we're watching the Eukanuba Championships on Animal Planet.

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