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» Saturday, December 27, 2008
The gifts are bought and wrapped, the after-Christmas shopping is done. Nothing to bake, nothing to buy.

You know what I want until that alarm rings on January 5? I want the time to go s-l-o-w-l-y. I would like to look at my watch and say, "Is it only one o'clock?" I want the frippin' time to stop moving like a sled down the Matterhorn.

Oh, it slows down at work all the time. But I want it to do so when I can enjoy it, when I can bury my nose back in my book and know I have four hours more of a blissful afternoon to enjoy it. It's an irony of life that when you're a kid time moves like the proverbial snail, but by the time you reach your fifties you might as well be on one of those Japanese express trains.

I wish I could put a governor on the clocks when I want. I even want our party to go by slowly, so I can savor being with friends.

In the meantime we have eaten breakfast, shredded and tossed some trash, cut coupons, and James is wrestling with something in Photoshop. It's supposed to be hot out today, in the low 70s. Tomorrow a cold front is supposed to go through. Let's hear it for a cold front! :-)

[Wow, what happened? The weather lady was going on and on about how it was going to be about 70°F today, and she even bet it would top that the forecast says 56! Of course it's 57 already, but...much better numbers!]

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