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» Monday, December 15, 2008
School Days
A very frustrating morning! I had a training class today and was eager to print out and submit the three purchase orders I had done last week. Fat chance. Again, my computer took over 20 minutes to boot up and then it did not want to print on my assigned printer. I finally began to print, but was only able to print two of the three sets of paperwork and had no time to assemble the folders for signature before it was eight o'clock and I had to get to Executive Park.

The class was on customer service and the instructor was interesting, amusing and informative, but frankly I could have best served my customers by staying at my desk! There were several things in my e-mail box that I would have loved to have gotten to today which will need immediate attention tomorrow.

Leaving Executive Park was fun...not. It took me ten minutes to go less than one tenth of a mile. Thank God we didn't move here last year!

When I got home I found a nice surprise: a package from my Cousin Debbie. She had included a Christmas card and two small packages, but the best inclusion were some photos of her daughter's wedding. I set the packages under the tree after I finally set out the manger set.

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