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» Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Miracles Do Happen!
It rained all day, although it never again did get as dark as this morning when the Christmas lights switched on! The humidity made the entire house sticky and the noisome odor of burnt honey persisted until I lit the gingerbread candle.

Oddly, they are talking about this rainstorm having a snow chaser! It snowed in Houston and in Mississippi.

Since I was using a computer today that actually works properly, I was able to do three orders and get two others prepped to go. As afternoon wore on, I pulled out my Christmas cassettes. Had a nice variety of music, with Mannheim Steamroller, a brass album, a Revels album, my London Weekend Christmas tape, and others.

And then the miracle appeared. James called and said they were "overbooked" for telephone coverage during New Year's week, so he could take Monday through Wednesday off if he wanted. Well, cool!

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