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» Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Lunch Luck
Great lunch!

Oh, not what I ate. I've had a sandwich bun. No, I had to go out and get some milk. Over the weekend we were in Kroger twice and forgot to get milk both times. (At this point, my friends are pinching themselves over the incongruity of the thought of myself forgetting to get milk...) So I decided to also run to Borders. Their 30 percent off coupon is only good through tomorrow and I wanted to pick up Mercedes Lackey's Reserved for the Cat.

I went to the Parkway Pointe Borders and nipped into Linens'n'Things [almost] next door, which has six days to go in its liquidation sale and is literally on its last gasp. There is some ugly framed art left, some sheets, some curtains, a few bed pads, car air fresheners, bits of this and that, and not much more. I was able to find another set of drawer dividers, and for 80 percent off got a lovely fall wreath of fall flowers and berry stalks.