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» Sunday, December 28, 2008
Distinctive Signatures
James is playing one of his Christmas gifts, the Steve Canyon DVD set. This series was broadcast for one season in 1958. The theme song is by Walter Schumann, but the incidental music in the episode is done by Nathan Scott, who, six years later, would take over the musical chores on Lassie.

As when I heard Scott's score for the film X-15, I could pick up right away who wrote the score without even checking the credits. It's like John Williams; you can hear a piece of music and immediately know it's his.

Scott uses lots of brass, with stings and emphasis in woodwinds, mostly flutes and clarinets. It was used to great effect on the forest ranger episodes on Lassie, to depict the majesty of the wilderness. works really well for Steve Canyon as well.

[Aieeeeee! At the end of the first disc of Steve Canyon is a long list of aid and acknowledgement names...and there last of all is Brad Linaweaver. Is the man everywhere???????]

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