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» Wednesday, December 10, 2008
"And When the Sky Was Opened..."
How it does rain! Oh, we need the rain. Lake Lanier is drying up again, even though we received more rain than last year. But goodness, what a racket and what a mess. It's so warm we had the windows open, but I had to close half of them because they were awash in water. The racket from the rain thundering through the downspouts and drumming the deck floor is deafening. Every once in a while comes a rumble of thunder and Willow is clinging as close to me as she can. It was so dark before James left for work that the sensor tripped the timer outside and the porch Christmas lights came on.

(Gosh, look at the radar! This storm system stretches in a big diagonal line, from New Orleans all the way to Prince Edward Island. What a whopper!)

The acrid scent of the burned honey still hangs over the house, especially around the microwave. James boiled the lemon skins in a cup of water in the microwave last night (we have heard this is an air-freshening tip), and it barely has touched the scorched scent. And I thought the burned smell of popcorn was bad! Now I know why they tell you not to let the sugar scorch the pot if you are making candy. Ugh. I have left the kitchen window open despite the rain since it's right next to the microwave, and have the microwave door open.

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