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» Monday, November 24, 2008
"Yo-Ho, Dick! Ho, Ebenezer!"
Clear away! There was nothing they wouldn't have cleared away, or couldn't have cleared away, with old Fezziwig looking on. It was done in a minute. Every movable was packed off, as if it were dismissed from public life for evermore; the floor was swept and watered, the lamps were trimmed, fuel was heaped upon the fire; and the warehouse was as snug, and warm, and dry, and bright a ball-room, as you would desire to see upon a winter's night.
I've felt like Dick Wilkins and Ebenezer Scrooge, 'prentices to Mr. Fezziwig, cleaning up for the Christmas dance! The towels are done, the clothing is drying, I've hung the Ken Jenkins print as well as the framed WWI/WWII patriotic postcards we bought at the Tennessee Aviation Museum, the downstairs hall is swept and some Christmas/winter things sorted with their respective boxes, moved the long table with the woodland tree/Santa on it since 'twill have to do, cleaned the last of the spilled Frosty off the garage door, and tossed some things away. It's high time for a belated lunch, but not sure what I want.

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