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» Sunday, November 23, 2008
Surprises on Sunday
I joined Facebook on Friday.

I mention this only because it brought me an unexpected surprise: contact with my cousin Debbie. Debbie had sent us an anniversary card and I noticed the return address was different. I said, "I need to save this envelope." Whatever happened, the envelope didn't get saved. Well, last year I had found something special I had wanted to send to Debbie before Thanksgiving. I was going to send it to her old address until I saw the new address—and thought, "What if they don't forward it?" So I quickly asked Debbie what her new address was and had a response last night, so I could slip the gift, already wrapped, into a mailing envelope. So the first place we went to was the downtown post office.

Surprise! The parking lot in front of the post office was...gone. It had been dug up with bobcats and was roped off. We just parked at the side and walked to the front door to use the automatic machine, but it was funny watching people drive up and stop dead at the driveway entrance. You could almost see the "What the h---...?" thought balloon over their heads!

From the post awful we went to our original destination for the day, Ikea. We hadn't been there in a dog's age and I was looking for a certain small piece of furniture. I wanted something to put my woodland tree and Santa on that was a little higher than the shelf I've been storing it on for now. I found something, too—a stool! After Christmas it could do dual duty as a seat.

Except...surprise! they were all out of them. Bother. I saw a couple of alternatives, but I really didn't want to buy a table, although there was a rather cute red one.

Anyway, we ate lunch there as well. I had my appetite all set for chicken marsala, but they didn't have any today. Instead for the chicken dish they had a "Sunday dinner," a baked chicken quarter, stuffing, and sweet potato soufflè. Surprise again! Actually, it was quite good, especially the sweet potato, which didn't taste as if someone had dumped the contents of the sugar bowl in it.

When we left Ikea it had clouded over quite a lot. We were heading for the Kroger on Whitlock Road since we needed gasoline along with the fixings for corn casserole, which is one of the things we are bringing with us to the Butlers for Thanksgiving dinner. We went through the south loop past Southern Polytechnic, the Cobb County Civic Center, and innumerable other businesses, approaching downtown Marietta, and there, at the right side of the road not three-quarters-of-a-mile from downtown, we were flabbergasted to see three wild turkeys pecking around on the grass verge at the side of the road! One of those times I wished I was lightning fast and could have whipped out my phone in a millisecond.

We bought the ingredients of the feast, not to mention more wild bird seed, and then stopped at Lowes for safflower seeds. We arrived home to find another rude surprise: apparently they were having a block party at the trailer park behind us and had a DJ. It sounded like a frappin' rock concert out there he was so loud.

Since we had "Sunday dinner" at noon, we partook of "potlucks" for supper. Watched the last part of the third Adams Chronicles disk, with John Quincy Adams as Congressman following his tenure as president. It was at this point he defended the African-American captives aboard the "Amistad." William Daniels, who was John Adams in 1776, plays the older John Quincy Adams in The Adams Chronicles. He made the story very lively, even in the long scene where he was filibustering Congress.

I decided to put some of the Thanksgiving specials on that I had recorded after this, so we have watched Thanksgiving Unwrapped and The Secret Life of Thanksgiving. Of course sometime this week I will watch the Addie Mills story, The Thanksgiving Treasure!

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