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» Saturday, November 29, 2008
Rainy Days and Saturdays
Which described today perfectly: it was grey and misty and as the hours progressed the mist lowered until even the shorter buildings lost their upper stories. By the time we got home, it was foggy and damper than ever.

In the hours we were out, we were pretty busy. First we attended to business and got James' truck inspected. From there we headed toward Books-a-Million via Dallas Highway, so we stopped at the Avenue at West Cobb and strolled about the Linens'n'Things. I'm a regular shopper at Linens, if not a profligate spender there, and I'm sorry to see it go. James got some new cookware and I bought some snowflake towels for the bathroom for Christmas. I also bought James a new John Scalzi book using my Barnes & Noble coupon.

From there we went to Books-a-Million. Bought a couple of magazines and a Jan Brett book on remainder (I love her beautiful illustrations!). We also stopped at Michaels, where I was lucky to find a pinking shears for a reasonable amount of money (thank you, coupon!). We nipped next door to PetSmart to see what dogs they had for adoption. There was a dog Willow's size there, almost all brown, and his tag said he was a Pomeranian-mix, too! He didn't have all the fuzz, though.

We stopped at the hobby shop for a while, then were feeling peckish after an early breakfast and no lunch. If you eat at Longhorn before four o'clock any day but Sunday, it's still the lunch menu and prices, so we did that for supper. After that we stopped for gas and for milk and things at Costco. James appeared behind me with a big rectangle and said "Happy anniversary!" Oooh! It's twelve new episodes of Rick Steves' Europe on DVD, along with a book called Europe 101: History and Art for the Traveler! Yummy!

We made one more stop, Hobby Lobby, before coming home. Since it was a holiday weekend, we celebrated by watching...movies! I had Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull waiting for tonight.

Well, that was...underwhelming. After all the bad press I said I'd pass judgment when I saw it myself. It wasn't...terrible. It was just...silly. Shia LaBouef (whatever) was surprisingly good and it was nice to see Karen Allen again, but frankly, she acted half the time like she was stoned. Everything was "light." There was a joke in everything. The other films were drama with bits of comedy. This was a comedy with action parts and special effects. Frankly, I'm glad I only sprang for the one disk version.

I put Kit Kittredge on afterwards and enjoyed that much better. It made no claim to be anything but a nice family film and it was.

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