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» Friday, November 21, 2008
Places You Should Eat
(with apologies to Rick Sebak!)

I've recommended this before, but if you live anywhere near a Fresh 2 Order, you really must try it. I have not had a bad meal in this place. Tonight they were out of my favorite, the pork roast, and I had the bourbon beef instead, with wheat-berries. The beef also comes with mixed greens. Usually they are grilled with the beef, but someone forgot tonight, so we just had nice greens with a balsamic dressing. We were both pretty hungry so James had a full bowl of chicken tortilla soup (he says it's wonderful, but I don't do spicy) and I had a half bowl of their creamy chicken vegetable, which was smashing. James has also had both of their chicken dishes and pronounced them delicious.

The same could not be said for Costco, but we did go in there twenty minutes before closing! No samples for us! The wind is keen tonight on top of the cold—I took Wil out for a short walk when I finished work and had to keep sticking my nose in my scarf; I actually wore my coat—so we were glad of a close parking place. We mostly bought milk and other staples, but we stopped long enough to drool at the laptop station. They had two netbooks there, an Acer and an HP. The Asus was smaller and resembled James' EEPC, complete with the tiny keyboard, but was only $350; the HP was marginally larger and had a standard-size keyboard, but was $500. Both were under three pounds and came with wireless built in. Too cute!

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