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» Wednesday, November 26, 2008
One Treasure Left
We had potlucks for supper, saving up for the goodies tomorrow. :-) After Jeopardy I put on a couple of DVDs: History Channel's Home for the Holiday: The History of Thanksgiving and Travel Channel's New England Thanksgiving. I'm a bit puzzled as I thought I had a Thanksgiving special with Al Roker.

I finished up with my favorite: The Thanksgiving Treasure, the second of the four Addie Mills specials. This sequel is almost as good as the original, with Addie befriending a sour old man who is feuding with her father. As in the original, it's all the little touches which make this extra special: Addie and her best friend bicycling out to the country to pick cattails for a harvest bouquet and telling each other corny riddles, the 1940s classroom lined with tempera paint Thanksgiving pictures and the typical Thanksgiving mural in the back of the room, the cute little radio program the schoolkids are rehearsing for the Thanksgiving assembly, Addie having to negotiate with her nosey little cousin, the windswept and November-bleak Canadian prairie that stands in for the windswept and November-bleak Nebraska prairie. Add to that Lisa Lucas as Addie with her heart in her eyes, Barnard Hughes as the misanthrope who thaws ever-so-slowly, and Jason Robards as the puzzled, gruff father...what you have is a classic. Deserves a DVD release of its own.

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