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» Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Oh, Please, Guys
Joyce Scardina was on Today after the "affordable sweater" thing (she's the gravelly-voiced lady from Sea World who also appears on the Tonight Show occasionally), with "wildlife the first European settlers were familiar with": a pileated woodpecker, a beaver, a horseshoe crab, and a wild turkey (what beautiful iridescent feathers on his back!). Geez, can "Hoda" (who the heck is "Hoda," anyway?) and Kathie Lee act more "girly"? I know from reading that beavers have a rather noticeable scent, but do they have to keep going on and on about it? They duck when the woodpecker flies and don't want to pet the turkey (he's a bird, already; they're soft!). Get a grip, girls! You sound like a pair of second-grade girls faced with a boy and a frog.

(After this was over, we were treated to the hosts of Atlanta & Company talking about the series The Real Housewives of Atlanta...aieeee....let me change the channel...never mind rotting my brain; this is going to rot Schuyler's brain...)