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» Monday, November 24, 2008
No Time to Waste
Will be using up some of my use or lose this week. No lolling in front of the idiot box for me! I did sleep late (9 a.m.). Scooted around the channels and discovered that Dish's holiday music channel is finally on. Nice selection so far. Been putting together my holiday letter to go with my Christmas cards. While I was doing that I've washed the towels and now started the other full basket. I think dirty clothes breed in that darn basket—I just washed clothes Wednesday and there's only two of us.

The only thing we bought at Ikea yesterday was one of those fold-up racks to dry clothes on. I don't dry our regular clothing all the way because James always complained with the other dryer that his shirts came out badly. Usually I toss the still damp clothes on the bed; since the window's always open in the bedroom except when the A/C is on, they dry by nightfall. I'm tired of doing that. I set the rack up in the laundry room and we'll see how they do in there. If not, I will set it up in the master bath, in the tub.

Eating some yogurt and planning to go hang the Ken Jenkins pic we bought in Gatlinburg. It's cold and damp, so I won't get overheated lugging in the ladder and doing all that up and down with the level and a marking pencil.

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