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» Monday, November 17, 2008
A Nip in the Air
Sure, if you're a Canadian, 39°F is just the opening to a nice spring day.

In Georgia 39°F as a morning temp is greeted with dire warnings the previous evening from every weather report on every television station in the area. You might think the next ice age was on its way.

And it's supposed to be 29 tomorrow morning! I leave it for you to imagine the hue and cry this evening.

Me, while I had the heater on my feet, I still drove to work with my window half open.

Oh, I saw someone with their Christmas tree up, a white tree fronted by a star which changed color (for a minute I thought it was one of those old color wheels)! Good grief.

Only a barbituate-addicted sloth could move slower than my work computer this morning...I had a 386 with Win3.1 that used to go faster. Plus the internet connection is bouncing up and down like Magic Johnson manipulating a basketball. There are internet pages I need for backup in my folders before submitting them for signature and it's taken me 90 minutes to print about five pages. Gah.

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