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» Saturday, November 22, 2008
Life Happens When You Have Other Plans
We ran to Kroger this morning for yogurt and other useful things, then James thought he would have time to run the truck to Carnett's to get an oil change and get the car inspected before he had to go to his monthly club meeting. I'm getting the paycheck that I will be devoting to the car registrations next Friday, and his truck has to have its emission inspection before I can renew.

If you get the emissions inspection, a car wash is free. He had the wash, and then they took the truck to the bay for the rest. We had barely settled when the technician called James. They had tried to start the truck to do the inspection and it wouldn't start. This was baffling because it started fine in the garage and at Kroger. But there it was clicking and not turning over. Anyway, the guy jumped us off and he did change the oil, but he didn't want to do the emissions inspection with the engine cool.

Well, if the battery was dead or about to go dead, it would make getting around over the weekend a problem, and definitely for going to work on Monday! So he was planning to drop me off and find somewhere to replace the battery. Now the place we usually go to is closed on Saturday, and the only other place I could think of would be the Sears Auto Center. In short: ugh. Then I remembered we would be passing by Merlin's. We used to go there quite a bit in the past—I remember the day I needed something done to the car, but the exterminator was coming to the house and the critters needed to be out of it, so I turned up there with Leia and Bandit and they didn't mind a bit—but I didn't know if they did batteries, so we stopped to ask.

They did indeed, and while we were there James also asked them to replace his left rear tire, on which the tread was wearing very thin.

So we got that all taken care of and James was only ten minutes late to his meeting.

Ironically, we never did get the truck inspected, since Merlin's doesn't do that.

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