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» Tuesday, November 18, 2008
"John Glenn Winked at Me!"
I had the news on and it said that for a few minutes tonight it would be possible to see the International Space Station orbiting with the naked eye. You looked to the west at about 6:54 p.m. and found Venus and Jupiter, who are on a diagonal line from each other, and the space station would come up from below and then climb. Well, our front porch faces west, so I bundled up and went outside.

There were a bunch of lights out there, however; it appeared that tonight's landing pattern to Hartsfield-Jackson has the airplanes routed from north to south, crossing between the two stars. But they were moving right to left and my surprise I saw a bright dot come out of the trees and climb upward just to the "left" of Venus. It didn't blink, just rose in the sky until it reached the zenith over the roof of the house and vanished.

So I think I saw it. Majorly cool!

(The title quote is from Space Camp. Trust me, I was just as thrilled as young Andee! <g>)