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» Saturday, November 15, 2008
It Goes Down, Down, Down...
When we rose the wind was rising as well. The warm front had lingered during the night, but during breakfast the trees began to toss and the leaves swirl about the deck. I opened the window and found the humid, heavy-smelling air gone and a decided nip in the air.

The clouds hung around for the rest of the day save for the occasional glimpse of brilliant blue sky and the temperature sank like that proverbial rock. It was in the mid-50s when we left the house and already in the 40s when we arrived home around four. We have a freeze warning tonight.

But the weather showed its intentions plainly just as we left the house: for just a second or two, I saw snowflakes swirled in the air above the porch, and then they vanished.

We just went "flitterin'" today, starting at the German butcher shop/bakery. Bought more pork schnizel and James decided to try some Swiss/bacon potato salad. We bought a baguette for supper and had a small treat apiece: James had a hazelnut cookie and I had a nut/baklava one that was not sugar-drenched. Oh, we were talking to the proprietor about the farmer's market in the square having ended so early, and he said they have talked the City of Marietta into extending it at least one more month next year. Cool!

We needed potatoes and raw cashews, and I wanted mixed nuts, so we made a short stop at Harry's Farmer's Market. To my surprise, there were no loose mixed nuts, just individual bags. And no raw cashews, which James uses in stir fry, either! Sheesh. We did sample a tiny "Thanksgiving dinner"—a bit of turkey, two kinds of stuffing, some cranberry sauce, and a sliver of pumpkin pie—as a demonstration of the type of food they can cater, and also a small taste of "grass-fed Angus tenderloin" (ohboy, I wish we could afford beef like that!). The guy doing the cooking should be working where he could get paid a lot better than Harry's will pay him, that's for sure!

Next was a visit to the hobby shop after dropping James' shirts off at the cleaners. I was reading the Christmas issue of "Bliss Victoria" (which I suppose qualifies as "Christmas porn"—lots of beautifully decorated rooms that would utterly overwhelm anyone besides a crowd of professional decorators or someone seriously dedicated to decorating for the holidays) and "Country Woman" (lots more down-to-earth).

We'd both eaten breakfast and had the little cookie at the bakery, but by now it was after three and we were both starving. But before taking care of that problem, we stopped for a few minutes at Book Nook. I found a copy of Father Goose—I'd seen the feature on 20/20 and the followup, "C'mon, Geese," but never read the book—and also a wonderfully nostalgic book called Stories to Live By. These are 1950s girls' stories from the old American Girl magazine (the original one, a Girl Scouts' magazine). A couple of stories were written by Betty Cavanna, who was a prominent girls' writer in the era and into the 1960s. Her heroines were always girlish in the style of those days, but they were also smart and saavy and didn't wait for boys to get them out of jams.

Anyway, we had been discussing only this morning needing only one or two more gifts for certain people. Well, what did my eye fall on but a book that one of these people would certainly get a kick out of! It was sans cover, but I don't think the giftee will mind.

We grabbed a quick, small burger at Wendys since it would be suppertime in such a short time, and then popped on the freeway for a few miles as the quickest route to Borders. I am assembling a gift for someone out of smaller parts and needed the finishing part from Borders. I also found the November British Country Living...yay!

Our last stop was at Michaels. By now the wind was downright raw, and we hurried in and out.

Since it was so nippy out, we decided to have one of our cached containers of homemade turkey soup for supper. This already had turkey meat in it, and we added a can of canned turkey and had it with elbow macaroni and a piece of the baguette to dip in the broth. As we ate, we were entertained by a collection of What's My Line? episodes that have been on the back burner of the DVR (so to speak).

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