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» Tuesday, November 11, 2008
I Is Santa's Elf
Busy, busy, busy day.

My primary goal today was to get some packages ready for mailing. Usually I mail my Christmas packages around the fifth to the tenth of December. However, last year after Thanksgiving I lucked out and found several lovely Thanksgiving gifts I wanted to send to certain people this year, plus I created another one just lately. So I want to combine the two actions into one mailing. (Not to mention that anything that keeps me out of the post office in December is a definite plus! LOL)

This means I was wrapping Christmas gifts on Martinmas Day (at least I was within "Old Advent") and tucking other things in the boxes. Still have a couple of things to wrap. Sadly, one of the items is a very belated birthday gift from August, so don't think me all that efficient.

I was also working on some Christmas crafts today. I had bought two metal winter ornaments that I wanted to turn into Christmas magnets, which I did after cutting the metal hangers off by gluing small magnets on with super glue. I also made a wooden Christmas decoration for myself and two for one of the people receiving the packages mentioned above. Played Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" LP as I did so.

I also had an artsy project today. I designed a cover for the series of DVDs I bought James for our anniversary, and also captured the theme song and removed the voiceovers using Audacity so, if James can figure out how to transfer it to his cell phone, he can use it for a ringtone.

Not to mention I made the bed, cleaned up the living room some, cut out the coupons from Sunday's paper, sorted out the Christmas gifts I have stashed away and made notes on the couple of things we need to get, and made dinner.

I'm tired! :-)

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