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» Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Giving Thanks Early
Didn't intend to go out today, but I had to vote in the runoff election. Was at the Austell government office about an hour. Everyone in line was pleasant, and I whiled away the time reading Crusader Nation, which I'm enjoying very much. Since I was in that direction anyway, when I was done I visited the Dollar General and the Big Lots on Austell Road. Found some thermal socks for James and bought Willow a treat: a small box of fortune cookies. Willow loves fortune cookies, or anything that crunches. No luck with the table, though.

I wasn't intending to go into any grocery stores today, but I had a few cans of soup I can't eat anymore because of the acid reflux and I thought I would put them in the Can Bank box at Kroger. Well, when I got there the store wasn't that crowded, so I got a cart and walked round and bought some canned goods, baking mixes, a pack of tuna, other little things, and then left it all in the Can Bank box. I really want to do this a few more times before Christmas.

And I still wish they had a Can Bank collection box in the store all year round.