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» Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Fit to Be...Well, You Know What
I have this big hunk o' "use or lose" to use up.

When you pass 15 years of service as a federal employee, you earn eight hours of leave every two weeks. I haven't taken many days off and we haven't been on vacation this year except for the past two days and going up to Owensboro, so I have enough days that I have to use, or I lose them, to take Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's weeks off—and I still had days left over. So I chose the other two Fridays in December that I don't have off, my birthday (a Thursday before a Friday off), and our anniversary, not, sadly, because James has it off, but because it's between Sunday and Veterans Day, also a holiday, to make it a long weekend. But I still had one more day and I chose to do that today so I could tidy up after our trip.

Well, I was called to take an interview today; it isn't for anything much different, just at a higher pay grade, with promotion to a higher pay grade. I could asked for it to be tomorrow, but this gave me a chance to get ready in the morning and then drive in and not have to keep on my interview clothes all day. So that's what I did: prepped this morning, changed in the bathroom at work (since after a forty minute drive in a sunny car my nice blouse and skirt would have been wrinkled and sweaty), and did the interview. It was with my present supervisor and someone else that I knew, and was very relaxed.

Now, I had done a couple of orders last week that had some items that needed printing out for the backup file. I figured that since I was already at the office, I would just print the items there and file them. Shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes.

Wrong! It took that damn computer of mine twenty fripping minutes just to get to the Windows desktop. This is not the first, second or third time this has happened, either. Plus when I finally got all my icons and all my desktop, the wretched thing refused to do anything for me. It said it wasn't connected to the printer, then that it couldn't print because there had been an error, when I clicked on buttons the screen went blank for a couple of seconds, one application wouldn't close, and I kept getting a popup about a dialog box being open...but I couldn't get rid of the popup so I could deal with the dialog box! After fifteen minutes of this nonsense I said screw it and tried to shut down; it wouldn't even let me do that normally—I finally just had to shut the computer off.

I went stamping out in a huff and went to Costco to replace the entire gallon of BJ's milk that had spoiled despite the "sell by" date being two days from now and the gallon never having been opened. What a waste of money and of food. Picked up a gift while there and trundled the milk home. By then I had a screaming headache because I had been so nervous this morning I hadn't eaten anything but oatmeal and a yogurt cup. I finally had to lie down for an hour in a dark room to make it go away.

But I did get the things I bought sorted out, Christmas things in one bag, winter in another, and craft things into my crafts room.

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