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» Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Continued Cold and Windy
I was thinking "A Visit from St. Nicholas" this morning—not because of the Christmas tree in the window at the corner of Old Concord and Powder Springs Street, but due to the line
As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
since the gusting wind was scattering leaves across the streets before me in vast herds, a blustery Lassie chivvying botanical sheep. According to, the temp stood at 32°F (22 with the wind chill factor), although the car's external thermometer stated 34. I still wore my fleece jacket, albeit with a scarf and hat, not the coat. The heater in the car works fine, thanks, as does the one at work. (It's still 78 in here, despite the chill outside.*) Tomorrow morning's going to be the real freeze, predicted down to 29°F. Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Freeze warning!

Get a grip, weather guys and gals, okay?

* At least it's not as bad as senior year in high school. Seniors had homerooms on the fourth floor at Cranston East, and back then they were chronically overheated in winter while the rest of the school was either a normal temperature or freezing cold on the ground floor—many's the day the homeroom teacher had the windows open because the thermometer in the room stood at 92°F. Cross this with coming in out of a mile and a half walk in 25 degree weather in which you were clad in heavy coat, scarf, and hat with a heavy sweater and a vest over that, and you can see it's sauna time! :-)

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