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» Thursday, November 20, 2008
Bet He Doesn't Come With Violin Music
If you've been watching television for the past few weeks, even cable channels, you may be aware that a new CGI movie from Disney called Bolt was being released today. This is a story of a dog who appears in a television series and who has been led to believe that his superpowers are real. His co-star is also his owner, a little girl. When he is accidentally lost, he has to make his way home, helped by a stray cat and what looks like a really paranoid hamster.

This morning Gene Shalit reviewed the film on TODAY (he liked it), and they happened to show a clip about how Bolt is lost. It looks like he is playing [he's not; he thinks the little girl is in danger], leaps into a box, and is accidentally locked in a van and taken away! Except for his being taped into the box...I burst out laughing and exclaimed, "OMG! It's 'Lassie's Odyssey'!!!!!!"

Wonder if someone at Disney is a fan??? LOL.

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