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» Wednesday, November 19, 2008
A chilly, chilly morning. Even the birds kept away from the feeder until the sun was a little higher. We had a new total on brown-headed nuthatches today: six!

I worked today to the spicy odor of a café au lait candle. For someone who used to eschew candles, I'm sure losing them a lot. It's the Christmas scents and the coffee. :-) And I still don't trust the things: I light them and leave them on the stove.

But I do wish someone made a decent peppermint candle. I sniffed a so-called "peppermint" candle last year. Ugh. Nauseating.

At lunch Willow and I took a walk. From the weather report, I thought it was very cold and bundled up in jacket, hat, and scarf. Cold, fiddlesticks. It was nearly 50; I had to unzip the jacket, toss the scarf over my shoulder, and stick my hat in my pocket.

After work I finished decorating the house for Thanksgiving—turkeys and Pilgrims in every corner, and pumpkins scattered about liberally. I also designed a nice Christmas wallpaper for my computer with some scans from the Tasha Tudor Christmas book Take Joy!. I used one of the pictures—children around a Christmas tree—and blended it with the wreath on the title page to make it look as if the picture is framed in greens.

Still haven't found an image I like for Thanksgiving, though.

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