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» Thursday, October 30, 2008
What's With Willow?
Absolutely bizarre behavior from her yesterday, after she flipped me out Tuesday afternoon by pushing the gate open and wandering off while I was trimming the saplings. (When she quit barking I really got panicked; eventually she came running back—had been three houses up the street heading for the busy main road and didn't want to come back until I said loudly, "Is Daddy home?" and she came racing back to check.) We emerged from the bedroom Wednesday morning to find she had wet the carpet. After James left she clung to my leg like that proverbial leech. Even after I accidentally trod on her paw when I backed up did she not let up this behavior. I wondered if during the course of taking her out that morning or last night, James had let a fly in. But she wasn't walling her eyes as she usually does with a fly, and I could shoo her out of the bedrooms without her cringing.

In the afternoon she let up on me a bit. I was working and my alarm went off to check my messages. I turned to go to the phone and there she was sleeping on the sofa! She's never been allowed on the furniture except on James' recliner when he sits there. I shooed her off and gave her a time-out in her crate. After a while I let her out.

Three hours later I turned around and there she was on the sofa again! This time I time-outed her until it was time for me to take her outside.

Today she is her usual places—at the top of the stairs, in her crate, lying next the kitchen wall of the dining room—and I never saw a fly, so I'm not sure what was up.

In the meantime, I tried offering Schuyler an orange slice yesterday as I did with the apple on Tuesday. No go. Capricious is our Miss Schuyler.

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