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» Thursday, October 02, 2008
What A Lovely Day!
Chilly this morning, just right all day! No perspiration at all although it got up to 71°F. If it had to stay at a warm temperature all year round, today would have been it.

I spent my lunch hour washing the floor in the foyer and in the downstairs hall, and also used the extendable duster to clean the walls and the joins between the walls and the ceiling, as I had seen a couple of cobwebs forming. This is very long and reaches to the top of the cathedral ceiling in the living room.

The one thing I couldn't do was clean that wretched hanging lamp in the foyer. It's all dusty and I can't do a thing about it. I tried to get the duster inside and it caught on the ornamental work at the bottom. I thought I was going to have to wait till James got home to get it disengaged, but I worked it out. Really need to go buy the three-fixture lamp we have picked out at Lowes; I'm just reluctant because I know the installation will cost more than the fixture (it's $79.00) because the darn thing has to be hung seventeen feet up! But it will be dustable and we will be able to change the light bulbs in it because they face downward and the light bulb changing attachment on the extendable duster pole can be used. Right now there's no way to change the candelabra bulbs in or clean this ugly thing unless we get a fifteen-foot ladder!

Work is quiet now that fiscal year is over. We'll probably have some orders coming over, but they will be unfunded since we don't have a budget yet. We usually don't have one until sometime in early November, and we've stayed on via continuing resolutions until December some years. I had one call today and only one e-mail that required action (and not by myself). Everyone's still upset by what happened to Dorothy.

Right now I am watching The Magnificent Voyage of Christopher Columbus on PBS. An expedition of mostly Spanish men are sailing westward in three replica ships. Cool stuff.

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