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» Saturday, October 25, 2008
To Fry's and Back Again
Woke up at 7:45, realized it was Saturday, and went blissfully back to sleep. I love Saturdays!

A bit after nine I was more in a frame of mind to get up, although I have to admit the phone call with no one at the other end influenced the decision. We had breakfast, made a stop at James' bank, and then were off to the wilds of Alpharetta.

(Oh, there was a Neat Thing on the way to the bank. We were driving through the neighborhood approaching downtown Smyrna and were passing a house that had one of those porches with a little peaked roof. I noticed what looked like an owl sculpture on the little roof. People sometimes buy them to keep pigeons from roosting on their house.

Then the "sculpture" moved! It was a young hawk with a speckled chest! How lovely!)

On the way we stopped at Hallmark to pick up my Ornament Club ornaments (I got the kids' bookshop for the library tree and the snowman, the latter which has a stocking I can remove so it can go with my winter village). I confess I joined the Ornament Club this year solely to get the Canadian Santa Claus, which will be out November 8.

While we were there, I noticed they had select scents of Yankee Candles on sale and got the cinnamon spice. The cinnamon and sugar was just too sugary-smelling. No café au lait there, sadly.

We stopped at Hancock Fabrics when we passed it to get me one of those pincushions you put around your wrist when you sew. Hopefully this will take care of needle problems. :-)

There was a cute surprise as we approached the outskirts of downtown Alpharetta. They were having a fall festival and apparently there was some type of contest building theme scarecrows, because lined up against telephone poles into town from either side were these scarecrows in all sorts of costumes: we saw fat Elvis, Indiana Jones, Neil Armstrong, Pocahontas, several other Native Americans, younger and older George Washington, Ben Franklin, a nurse, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, the Headless Horseman, Hobbes (of Calvin and) in a spacesuit, and dozens more.

We had lunch at Fry's, which was a mistake. The service was slow and the sandwiches overpriced. I didn't want the clam chowder because last time it was the consistency of glue. The tuna salad wasn't bad, but no great shakes, either. We walked around—since Fry's is so big a walk around it constitutes good exercise—and I picked up a clip-on gadget that holds paper when you are typing. I'm actually going to use it to hold up the pattern book for my cross-stitch. I saw sixth season of Make Room for Daddy, but did not buy it. (I can't believe it! There on DVD is Mickey Rooney's old 1950s television series, Hey, Mulligan! that almost no one remembers...but is Remember WENN out on DVD? Noooooooo...)

On the way home we stopped at Borders at the Avenue at East Cobb. The shopping center was swamped because they were doing some type of Hallowe'en thing with kids in costume. Lots of tiny girls in fairy costumes! But the crowds were unwieldy because we were in a hurry; we'd browsed too long at Fry's and now James was worried he wasn't going to make it by the hobby shop before they closed for the day. But I did find the book I wanted, plus the December Early American Life, Bliss Victoria, and Victorian Homes (I usually skip the latter during the year because I don't like the frilly Victorian they delight in, but the Christmas issues are wonderful, colorful treats).

Also stopped at Michael's. Bought a tree with a burlap-covered base, some berry garland, and some rustic-looking ornaments (mostly-twig type, but also a rough-painted oval of a snowman) to go with my Pelznichol that I bought yesterday. Where I will put the display is another thing altogether...

We did make the hobby shop and James went in and schmoozed with the guys—we were halfway there when he realized he had completely forgotten there was a club meeting today!—while I sat out in the nice cool truck and read. Yesterday and today couldn't be more different: yesterday grey, damp and chill, today warmish but breezy, with a blaring blue sky overhead.

Had leftovers for supper (salad for me, Chinese vegetables with canned turkey for James), watched What's My Line? and The Name's the Same, and then, since nothing else was on, House reruns on USA. I didn't particularly care what was on anyway because James was watching 12 O'Clock High on the computer and I was finishing up my cross-stitch project. It is an embroidered bread cloth for my team lead. She's been a tremendous help to me this year and I wanted to say "thank you" somehow.

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