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» Sunday, October 26, 2008
Sunny Sunday
Another lovely morning cocooned in blankets. Tomorrow will be chillier and it's going to be downright hard to get out of bed at "o'dark thirty." :-)

Today, however, was nice, even if the sun did get a bit strong in midafternoon. James made biscuits for breakfast, which we ate to the accompaniment of Ask This Old House. We made a really quick run (ten minutes) to Food Depot to pick up sugar-free ice-cream bars, then went to the Jonquil Festival. This is very small, but we spent a very nice hour wandering about the booths. Lots of children's clothes or ornaments, like hair scrunchies. We bought two jars of local jelly, including some ruby-red kudzu jelly which will be perfect as a natural glaze for pork or chicken. (I told the farmer I didn't know kudzu had berries; he said it doesn't, that the jelly is made from a tea brewed from the flowers.) James got a privately-published book about the veteran pilots of B-17s. We also bought a couple of Christmas gifts and James got himself a Moody Blues concert poster, and at a craft booth I found the cutest "Christmas tree" for just a dollar: a huge pine cone that had been strung with a chain of red beads and some gold tinsel cord strung with little plastic ornaments that look like frosted cookies, and dotted with round balls, a candy cane, and a gift as a topper. The base is surrounded by wide red-and-green ribbon.

After the good times come the errands: from Kroger to Publix to BJs for necessities. By the time we got done it was time, if we wanted to, to go to Michaels for the Hallowe'en Madness sale, but it wasn't much of a coupon and we decided not to go. By the time we got everything put away, it was nearly time for supper anyway. We had found some thin-cut steaks on the "remainder shelf" at Kroger and James cooked them up along with some of the Thai ginger carrots from Trader Joe's, and we had steak sandwiches while we watched the McBride film Fallen Idol. Yum!

Now we're watching a Nature presentation about predators on Ellesmere Island: white wolves, white gyrfalcons, and snowy owls, all raising their young. We also see arctic foxes. Also arctic hares, lemmings, ducks, swans, and musk oxen. Bleak but beautiful folds of hills. What lovely faces on the young gyrfalcons!

Upcoming: When Weather Changed History does the Hindenburg.

(Oh, GOOD! There's a new Rick Sebak [An Ice Cream Show, A Show About Unusual Buildings, etc.] special on Wednesday, about curiosities along the Lincoln Highway!!!)

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