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» Friday, October 24, 2008
So There I Was... JoAnn, the place about to close in ten minutes, with five 50 percent off coupons. And of course all the Christmas and fall items are already on sale.

We ended up with some candy for our Twelfth Night party, two Aida breadcloths, and more gold needles (since if I'm going to keep dropping them I will need more...<wry grin>). I also got the prettiest rustic-type Santa; more an old-fashioned "Pelznickol" or "Belsnickel," the German "Nicholas in furs." He has a patched, fur-trimmed robe and carries old-fashioned brown-paper gifts and a walking stick. I'd had my eye on him since he was full price.

We also went by Bed, Bath and Beyond to peruse their Yankee Candles. The cinnamon spice seems too intrusive and the cinnamon sugar too light; they didn't have the new café au lait scent. I can't believe Yankee Candle doesn't have a gingerbread scent, but I looked on their site and didn't see one.

Since I was indecisive about the candle, we bought James a pair of slippers instead.

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