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» Friday, October 03, 2008
Sleepy on Friday
All right, I admit, we stayed up late to see "Jaywalking." This time it was asking people to finish famous cliché sayings. Naturally we saw the folks who didn't know jack about any of them, except for the young lady who completed the saying "Why buy a cow..." correctly ("...when milk's so cheap?") and then added, "My momma says that to my boyfriend all the time." Jay Leno asked, "How long have you two been going together?" She responded, "Five years!"

Fella, I think it's time for that ship to sail, don't you? :-)

Anyway, I slept until nine, and I thought I'd had a good night's sleep, but I was feeling fuzzy all morning long, as if I'd only slept four or five hours. Worse, I'd walked out of the house having had just a packet of oatmeal and a glass of milk. It was soon evident my little breakfast and my sleepiness was catching up with me.

I'd also discovered that the coupons I thought were tucked into my pouch weren't there, so I couldn't complete the errands I'd specifically gone out to complete. I did buy the finishing touch for my little feather tree at Michael's and found the new Country Sampler and a cross-stitch magazine with some pretty autumn patterns at JoAnn, but couldn't go to Linens'n'Things or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Phooey.

Came home past Publix; didn't find many BOGOs, but did get some grapes to snack on until I got home. I had to get to BJs at least since we are hosting a game night on Saturday and we are planning to serve Swedish meatballs. I also restocked on lean pork, bought the inevitable omeprazole, but was thwarted when I tried to restock the Mandarin orange bowls. BJs doesn't sell them anymore, just servings in cans. Phooey.

At least they had gasoline. The gas thing finally seems to be easing; most of the stations had regular today.

The grapes had seemed to help the fuzziness, and I needed the assistance, since I now had to get an insulated bag with fourteen pounds of pork and a gallon of milk up the stairs. (The salad greens were in there, too, but they didn't add much to the weight. LOL.) But now we have boneless pork chops for a while, as well as some boneless ribs for the crock pot.