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» Friday, October 24, 2008
Rainy Days and Fridays
As promised, it has rained today, a chilly, steady (if not hard), soaking rain, although as of now it seems to have stopped and the chickadees and the brown-headed nuthatches are busy plucking damp seed from the bird feeder. The heat must have gone on, as the temp in the house has stayed a steady 64°F, but I haven't heard it, as it is so much quieter than the air conditioning!

On a grey, wet day it is almost foregone you will want to sleep late, so I was roused quite reluctantly from my warm bed to take my place at the desk and do purchase orders and payment authorizations. But the house is more convivial than the office for the task, as I watch Schuyler preen herself and take a nice afternoon nap. (Willow, however, still wanders about like a lost soul—well, until I am through with my lunch dish, that is!)

The only thing annoying today was the leftover scent of last night's dinner. James made Italian sausage last night and this batch (from Weinerz, the German butcher shop) seemed a bit strong compared to the last. The scent of it hung over the house like...well, like last night's dinner. LOL. In desperation, I finally pulled out my lilac-scented Yankee candle. I don't particularly trust candles, even if I put them on the most stable shelf in the safest place and watch them like the proverbial hawk, and the last time I lit this one I was quite disappointed in the scent dissipation. But I set it up on the stove, with a piece of Reynolds Wrap under it and no combustibles within a foot to either side and lit it up, and was surprised at the scent of lilac all through the living area.

There's only one thing wrong: the scent! This is the time of year for a gingerbread-scented candle or pumpkin pie...the lilac seems all wrong. I swear the last time I was at a Yankee Candle store I saw a coffee-scented candle; I should really get that one. Brewing coffee is one of the most wonderful scents in the world, even if I can't drink the stuff! (If Yankee Candle ever manages to make a candle that smells like Italian bread baking, I'm done for...LOL.)

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