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» Saturday, October 04, 2008
Long, But Fun Day
Another nice, snuggly sleeping night, but a warm day was approaching. It did get pretty warm. The house has just gotten cool enough after having both the doors open and the fans at high tilt. Actually, it's nice and cool now, because I'm in shorts and a sleeveless shirt, sitting on the sofa with all the lights off except the one on my laptop that shines on the keyboard (well, the candle is on in the dining room and the lamp in the foyer is always on very dimly—it's a 25-watt bulb—and I still have the two little houses on the mantelpiece lit up, but it's still pretty dark in here). James has gone to bed because he has to be in tomorrow at 8 a.m. for training on a new system (if this isn't bad enough he doesn't get a day off to trade for it and he has to work Saturday).

We were out doing errands from eleven to three-thirty and then had some folks over for an impromptu game night, so I'm kinda tuckered (although it wasn't especially hot, the sun was blazing overhead all the time we were out and I daresay we both got more sun than we can tolerate; James was just complaining of a sore throat and he is very warm to the touch). We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with two coupons that expired today. I was hoping to find another folding table like the one I have in my craft room, but they didn't have one; we ended up getting a slipcover for James' computer chair instead. Also stopped at Costco for a few things, then went to the hobby shop, Kroger, then to BJs for gasoline and finally home. Even had time for a bit of a sit-down before the Spiveys arrived.

We served Swedish meatballs and French bread for supper and had some cookies and chips on the side, and they brought a veggie tray and a fruit tray. We played James' "Storming the Castle" card game (from Princess Bride) and then Uno, and also showed Alice and Ken most of the first part of John Adams, since they were wondering if they would like it.

Meanwhile, Willow is yipping and barking because a small green flying insect has gotten into the house. Before she finally retreated into her crate for the night we found her hiding out in my craft room.

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