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» Saturday, October 18, 2008
An Elevator Day... it started out good but went way, way down before climbing a few floors again.

James was up bright and early for the "Wings Over Marietta" air show. It was supposed to be sunny today, but cool, so he put on a light long sleeved shirt against the sun, then loaded up with my camera, a water bottle, and his hat. I searched for the suntan lotion, but it seems to have disappeared. He left without it, which worried me.

I went back to bed and had an unbelievable problem: I was cold. I finally had to drag James' blanket over me.

At which point the aircraft from the air show started practicing over the house. Sigh. I did manage to doze for another hour, nice and warm rather than perspiring.

It was so chilly when I got up (the temperature in the house actually dropped two degrees from when James left the house) that I put on my fall sweatshirt and went off to the Mistletoe Market. This is an annual craft show run by the Junior League. Mostly it's a lot of cutesy clothing and toys for kids, but there were several craft booths and some soup/dip mix booths. I got a couple of bacon dips since the bacon was so popular at Hair Day and a couple of garlics (should have bought a garlic and an onion, but, oh, well). I also found some winter magnets among all the Christmas decorations, a turkey made from jingle bells, and the one unexpected purchase: a little standing polar bear figure with a hollyberry wreath around his neck. I don't usually go for polar bears, but this little fellow was too cute.

I then went to Lowes for a new bird feeder (the old one is encrusted with mold), some safflower seed, a suet cake, and the October Birds and Blooms, which has fabulous autumn photos and at least half-a-dozen photos of birds that we have at our feeder. Borders is next door, so I dropped in and did find the newest British Country Living.

I arrived home around three. I didn't expect James until at least 5:30 (the last exhibit was at 3:40), so I reluctantly did my sewing project. I had to hem sleeves on two shirts. I loathe sewing and although this was an easy job once I made sure my measurements were correct (it was just blind stitches after that), it was still annoying. The arthritis made my hands cramp.

All I can say is that I would be a dead loss as a military wife or a police/fireman's wife. I talked to James about 4:40 and found out he had been waiting for the bus from the airfield to the parking lot for over 40 minutes and there was no bus in sight. I went to this same air show four years ago and the bus service was exemplary; sure we had to wait, but it was fairly efficient. James told me they could see buses going back to the parking lot almost empty because they were not lining up people properly. He also said he was out of water and the bone spur in his heel was starting to hurt, but said he would call me when he got to the truck.

I told him to take care of himself and went back to my sewing. A half hour later he still had not called and I was getting concerned, so I called him back. They were still waiting, and the crowd sounded like it was getting ugly. I heard yelling in the background. That didn't bother me as much as the thought of James standing out there in the sun (no matter how cool it was and having the hat) with no sunscreen and no water. I also figured it was probably four or five hours since he'd eaten. What if he crashed? If the idiots couldn't form a bus line properly, would they know what to do for a guy with diabetes?

My agitation increased as the minutes ticked on. I called him again and could tell his blood sugar was getting low and he was dehydrated because he was on edge.

Anyway, to make a long story short, he waited in line two freakin' hours for a bus. I was going to call for a pizza, but figured it would be faster to get food and a drink into him if he just stopped at Wendy's on the way home. And then as he finally walked in the door as the clock was ticking its way past 6:30 (he'd actually gotten in the bus line at 3:40 and watched the Thunderbirds perform from the bus line), Willow frantically met him at the door, he stumbled over her, and scattered his Frosty all over the downstairs hall.

Willow helped me clean it up—that dog is so self-sacrificing! LOL!—but it was still ten more minutes before the poor guy could get anything to eat and drink. His face was scarlet from the sun. I could barely eat because I had been so worried about him I was about to be sick.

James' complexion has lightened a bit and he had ibuprofin and put his feet up, and it all turned out okay, but I'm worn out from it all. Sigh. The weather report at least made me smile: forties tonight, and the same for some nights! Goodness, two days ago I was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts and now I am in sweats!

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