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» Wednesday, October 08, 2008
The Dark at the Top of the Morning
Except for certain times after the clocks are back to real time in the early spring and late fall, I am used to driving to work in the pitch dark. (I hate it, but I'm used to it. <wry g> ) But on telework days I am used to awakening to rising sun and bright light filtering through the leaves visible (only blurrily, since I am sans glasses at this point) from the big window in the bathroom.

Since rainy days have been in short commodity since the drought began, it was quite a surprise when the alarm went off at 7:30 and it was still pretty dark. It's still grey and gloomy out. I've tossed open the windows since the high is only supposed to be between 65-68°F—depending on which weather report you consult—and as I sit at my computer checking e-mail and phone messages, can listen to the wind hiss and rustle within the leaves on the trees waving gently back and forth outside, a bird croaking in the distance, and the rain percussioning its way down the gutters to the ground. The rain is falling harder now than it was this morning, steady threads rather than occasional drops.

It seems every time I peek outside I can see a few more leaves that have decided the equinox has passed and are turning colors. The trees in our yard mostly turn a golden yellow color, but next door there is a tree whose leaves shade from ruddy orange to pale orange, and some of our low brush is also spotted with reddish color. Fallen yellow and brown leaves already liberally dot the lawn out back.

Here's fall mood for you: an arrangement fashioned from flameless candles and other bits bought on coupon and sale at JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree:

Fall candle arrangement

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