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» Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Baby, It's Cold Outside
For Canada, no, but for Georgia—30s at night in October? That's cold. They're even talking about a hard frost tonight, which is incredible.

My attitude: And loving it!

How strange, going from using the air conditioner not quite two weeks ago to having the heat on...and having to nudge it up to 67°F last night because even James was chilly!

The purchase orders march on. In between I'm watching the Annual Ethics Training videos/powerpoint combination. Someone has a sense of humor this year and has inserted the occasional humorous animated .gif into the text. The presenters also don't look like deer caught in the headlights and are not speaking in halting tones, but conversationally. They don't look as if they're reading off a teleprompter, either, although I suspect they are. (It helps that you can speed the videos up a tiny bit, too!)

I always wonder if Congress has to take Annual Ethics Training... ::heh::

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