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» Sunday, October 19, 2008
The Apples of My Eye
Eight o'clock was much too early to be up this morning. LOL. It was another cool night and marvelous for sleeping, although I had a dream that the house was all cluttered and I couldn't move without knocking over something.

We were on the road by nine and arrived in Ellijay for the Georgia Apple Festival at ten. This year we parked on the opposite end of the field. James was still limping from yesterday, but soldiered gamely on.

I saw lots of little things I liked, and a couple of times intended on going back for, but in the end bought very little: a few squares of Ginny's fudge, a small jar of mint hot fudge, a matted photo print of a fox in the snow (I could have bought a dozen of this guy's wildlife photos, including a fox cub popping his face out of a den, a buck peering from behind two snowmen, a lively tufted titmouse, etc.), and another photograph of a mountain valley at peak color (this fellow's photographs were also beautiful, and he had the most amazing bird shots), and a peck and a half of Granny Smith apples. I've been dreaming of these darn apples all year; I was going to get enough of them!

We had lunch at the Elks Lodge on the grounds: barbecue pork, beans, cinnamon apples and a biscuit (James had cornbread instead and brought half home to Willow, who adored it). There were some things I couldn't possibly afford: net swing chairs, baskets made of oak burls, Santa figures made of soft material. Not a lot of quilts this year, although there was a quillow booth. One thing I could have afforded that I completely forgot to go back for: a little kitchen angel soft doll, only $5.

Oh, and the vendor I bought my new little feather tree from (at a Blue Ribbon Affair) was there and had two more of them. I was sorely tempted, but I hardly have room for the one I bought!

We left about one—with me munching one of those delectable apples!—and went directly to Costco to get milk. I picked up a copy of the newest Indiana Jones movie as well. We had 20 percent off total purchase coupons for Michaels, so we went there next; these coupons are good for those little inexpensive things like those in the dollar bins, so I got very small things for little projects.

Finally we went to Bruster's for some ice cream. There was method in James' madness: we got there just in time to see the Thunderbirds perform again. Here we were able to sit in the shade and watch them maneuver.

At last, home! The glorious cool fall air (it barely got into the sixties) is wonderful to breathe, but boy, does it make me sleepy! Found Jurassic Park on USA; looks quite splendid in HD. Later we watched a special about the space shuttle "Columbia," Antiques Roadshow, and then When Weather Changed History about the Titanic. Still was so full from lunch and just had some Grape Nuts and another half of an apple for supper. I have given a bit to Schuyler and she is trying to get every morsel!

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