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» Sunday, September 21, 2008
WalMart or Bust
The heck with it. I was supposed to go to WalMart and BJs; I just got the milk and mandarin oranges at the former instead.

WalMart is no longer officially the cheapest place to go, either. James grabbed a box of bulk Sweet'n'Low at Publix yesterday, with the understanding I would get one or two more where it was "cheaper." Well, it was "cheaper"—by a penny! When WalMart prices are up to Publix prices, they ain't cheap no more. Sheesh...I remember when the Campbell's chicken broth was 78 cents, now it's $1.14!

On the other hand, they are still the only place that carries Hood's Calorie Countdown chocolate milk or whole wheat low-carb tortillas that don't taste like they were made of ground-up sawdust mixed with a little water and burned on a cookie sheet.

The WalMart closest to us is remodeling to look more like the newer WallyWorld on Powder Springs/East-West Connector. They seem to have less stuff, too. <wry grin> Actually, it looks like a K-Mart now, which is really sad. They have moved the seasonal aisles to the front and they were crowded with Hallowe'en stuff and a few fall things. No Christmas yet, but areas in the garden center have been cleared for the trees.

On the way home I passed the new CVS on the corner of Hicks and the Connector; in the grass sward at the back of the store was a flock of at least a dozen Canada geese. You could almost see their little minds working: "But this was wild grass and hilly last year when we migrated!" Indeed it was...