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» Tuesday, September 30, 2008
The hardest thing about buying things on e-Bay is waiting for them to come in the mail. :-) Still waiting on the Life set and the Tudor book; seems like an age; has actually only been less than a week, so it's only my own impatience that's making it long.

It's not like I can read them, as I haven't given myself permission to start any Christmas books until October 1. Even then, it's a jump on the season (although I have so many Christmas books now I would need to read at least one a week to read them all annually).

I picked up something called Uncle Toby's Christmas Book on e-Bay yesterday. It's from 1936, a collection of stories, poems, and poems. I'm thinking that, being from 1936, I may get something different from the run-of-the-mill Christmas stories that usually show up in anthologies, since the usual offerings like Pearl Buck's "Christmas Day in the Morning," Capote's "A Christmas Memory," the Christmas chapter from "Little House on the Prairie," and some other standards hadn't been written yet. I'm just afraid half of it will be A Christmas Carol, since most Christmas story anthologies stick that in since it's out of copyright.

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