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» Saturday, September 20, 2008
Stop'n'Go Saturday
I had a nice long sleep this morning despite getting woken by the neighbors' lawn mower. Unfortunately this meant we didn't get going on our errands until almost noon.

We stopped by Publix to check out the "twofers"; such a big choice this week we had to get a cart. I also stopped by the Hallmark store to see when my Ornament Club choices are coming in. From there we went out to Trader Joe's after stopping at Borders and Michaels. We've decided to have another Asian salad tomorrow night after James gets home from work. I found a real bargain at Borders: the Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker in softcover for only $10. (Yes, I know most of the cartoons are on the discs that came with the book—it would be huge if they weren't. Nevertheless, all the most famous cartoons are in the book, including the infamous "I say it's spinach and I say to hell with it.")

Oh, on the way to Publix, it was demonstrated that some people learn nothing from news events, in this case the horrible commuter train crash in Los Angeles. There was a car driving a bit erratically ahead of us, and as we passed it, we beheld the driver text messaging with both hands!!!! If you want to kill yourself, fine. Just don't take others with you!

At Michaels I finally decided, having seen some of the miniature ornaments, that I am going for the vintage glass look rather than the rustic look for my feather tree; the decision was made after seeing some wonderful little rocking reindeer ornaments and some teardrop shapes that emulated vintage baubles. Of course they are only plastic, but...

We came home by the hobby shop and then had to go home to put up the groceries. We decided to eat supper at home, then went out for ice cream for dessert. When we got home it was so nice and cool we took a few turns around the street with the bikes, then came in to watch two of the three Rosemary and Thyme episodes we got from Netflix. I wasn't all that fond of the France-set one, although the scenery was smashing—the plot seemed very thin. The boys' school episode was better—although I kept looking at the Latin master, annoyed because I couldn't remember who that was. Turned out to be Anthony Andrews, looking very Mr. Chips-ish. :-)

Now we are watching one of the March of Time VHS tapes I bought yesterday. The first was "Uncle Sam: The Farmer" talked about how the farmer was prospering due to war sales and government subsidies after the price crashes and the Dust Bowl. The second is "The Ramparts We Watch," which is very reminiscent of the docudramas we do today, tracing the effect war has on a community in World War I. Citizens polarize, for and against, U.S. citizens of German descent fight prejudice, and early volunteers die in re-created scenes side-by-side with super archival footage of Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, the Kaiser, King George V, the Czar, etc.

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