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» Saturday, September 27, 2008
A Saturday Without Gas
Most of the stations were without gas, and the ones with gas had horrendous lines. James needs to get to work for the rest of the week, so we were on short commons.

We had Hair Day today; brought the Pesto Cheese Torte bought for the purpose last week at Trader Joe's along with their 12-grain wheat crackers, plus larger wheat crackers and some cheesy bacon spread made with Philly light. It seemed to be a popular appetizer. We had a lovely chat.

James dropped me off at the house and went to his IPMS meeting; I finished cataloging and tidying my stitching magazines. About the time I finished, the lawn mowing service showed up. So as not to breathe in all those lovely allergens, I closed with windows and turned the air conditioner back on—it's going to be in the 80s again at least until Wednesday, so I might as well surrender.

I have just noticed just how many trees are sporting bits of leaves changing color. I'd seen the other day that one of the trees in Susan and Josh's yard next door had several dozen leaves turning scarlet, but our trees are also dotted with yellow leaves, and as we drove into Brusters the underbrush under the trees lining the lot were a mixture of yellow, orange, and scarlet. Several of the dogwoods we saw today had the rusty leaves of autumn and a row of young maples near the aquatic center on Macland Road were also starting to turn or already turned a rich burgundy color.

We had such a large lunch courtesy Shannon's contribution of meatloaf, Phyllis' carrots, and Lin's wonderful Asian salad that we really didn't eat a supper. We went out to Hobby Lobby and had to skirt a god-awful traffic tie-up at the QT, which evidently received a shipment of gasoline. They had cars coming in three entries, which was ridiculous; there should have been one line in and one out. Evidently the Cobb County police thought so, too, as one police car was already onsite and two more came roaring up as we passed.

Hobby Lobby was delightfully filled with all sorts of autumn and Christmas decorations. I found a lovely little metal rocking horse of Victorian style that will go with my little feather tree, plus a beaded pumpkin and fall branch to go with the candle arrangement. We also strolled through Lowes, having seen their display of Christmas trees through the window last night when we were at Borders, then had our dessert first with a cone of chocolate ice cream at Brusters. This was made with Hershey's special dark and was quite good. It reminded us of the Ben & Jerry's "chocolate therapy" we had in Rhode Island one of the hot nights when we were cleaning out the house after my mom passed away.

On the way home James got some chili from Wendys and I had a baked potato, and we watched the last episode on the Rosemary and Thyme second season third disk, plus the third part of John Adams.

I have just given Schuyler half of a grape. She came down immediately from the rear perch when I clipped it up and began to nibble on it. Definitely something she likes!

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