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» Friday, September 05, 2008
Saturday Friday
James decided that this year he was going to take his birthday off. But since his birthday fell yesterday, on a Thursday, he decided he'd rather have a three-day weekend instead, so took today off. Since it fell on my Friday off, it worked out pretty well.

We didn't do anything earth-shaking, just relaxed and did errands after last week's flurry of activity at DragonCon. Oh, and I got to sleep late.

I want to replace the old loveseat/fold-out bed in my craft room with a desk, so we stopped at Big Lots Furniture. I thought something like my present computer desk, which I found there, would do, especially as it was pretty inexpensive. But all they had were metal computer desks with little storage. Hm. Will need to think of something else.

We were going out to Trader Joe's to buy chicken salad and other good things (we got another Asian salad fixing kit for Sunday night), and stopped at Hallmark on the way. I had a coupon that gave me 1000 extra points if I spent $20. I found some little Christmas decorations at 75 percent off and also a Webkinz bat for a Hallowe'en decoration. He's adorable and his wings fold up. I was thinking of naming him "Belfry," but now I think I will call him "Renfield." We also stopped at Fuzziwig's and the East Cobb Borders, where I noticed the newest Beatrix Potter mystery was out.

We came home via Microcenter and by the bakery/butcher shop, where we bought more French bread and also more Italian sausage and pork schnitzel. (We had pork schnitzel for the first time a few weeks ago. I was worried about it because it looked like it was peppered, but it wasn't hot at all. Yes, we did serve it with noodles. This is actually funnier because that morning, walking into work just a little before seven, I heard honking—our office park is on the edge of a wetlands/bird sanctuary—and a big V of geese flew over, right under the still visible moon.)

Came home for a while where James went down to his "man cave" and worked on some models while I worked on a web page.

For dinner we tried a new restaurant (for us), the Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant in Mableton. The place was very busy, but we got very nice service, especially for a Friday in a seafood restaurant. We both had broiled dishes, James jumbo and popcorn shrimp and myself jumbo shrimp and scallops. This was good, but I didn't care for the slightly peppery seasoning. It was about the same price as a Red Lobster.

On the way home we stopped at Borders, where I found the new Yankee and Early American Life. We had Bruster's for dessert before heading home.

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