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» Sunday, September 14, 2008
Hot and Cold
I had a brief "bathroom bout" in the wee hours of the morning and now am seriously wondering if I am allergic to crab. Although these incidents seem to be happening every other Saturday evening. Odd, since Saturday is such a hit-or-miss day here; I can't think of any one thing in common that might trigger it.

We started out at Publix to scan the "twofer" items (a bumper crop of good staples today including juice and macaroni) and get a little cash to go to a Blue Ribbon Affair. We passed several gas stations whose prices have risen alarmingly since Friday. (I must confess that, as coughing and wheezy as I was on Friday, I did go out briefly for gasoline since I received several e-mails from friends about price increases. I didn't get the bargain 3.50s of Wednesday and Thursday, but did manage a reasonable 3.649 at BJs. On the way home, the QT stations were already up to 3.799. I wasn't afraid of the price increase as much as I was of people running out in panic to get gasoline, leaving the stations empty when I needed to fill my tank to get to work, and my instincts were sound, as Saturday morning most of the gas stations we passed were out of gas.)

Blue Ribbon Affair was made nicer this year by a nice brisk breeze James said was caused by compression from Ike's rampage out west. It was still in the mid 80s and humid, though, so tramping about between the stalls of sellers was warm work. We got the last of our fudge for the year and bought a small treat of home-made dog biscuits for Willow. As we were leaving, we stopped by a stall that sold mostly wooden products like trays, napkin holders, plate holders, etc., and there was this adorable little feather tree, just about a foot high and no wider than 8 inches, with red beads on the tip of each branch, and a block painted with a holly graphic for a base. It was quite inexpensive, so I brought it home. How I wish Yellow Daisy and Blue Ribbon had been reversed, as the Country Pickin's people's miniature things would have been perfect for this little fellow. I would want it to look like a pioneer's tree with home-made ornaments or perhaps a 1920s vintage-type tree. Will have to think about an appropriate decorating scheme.

We then went to Kroger and luckily found milk on sale so we didn't have to go to BJs. This left the rest of the afternoon for blessed repose, since a few hours in the sun had done me no good—my fingers were so swollen from the heat I could barely make a fist. We put the groceries up and then I caught up on my group reading.

James had marinated some beef short ribs and we had them done on the grill as I continued dubbing off What's My Line? to get the DVR a bit more "uncrowded." Frankly, I wanted to copy off the episode done after Fred Allen had died before the silly DVR possibly hiccuped and croaked like the previous two had. Damn. Fred Allen died over 52 years ago and this one still makes me choke up. He never liked television although his mastery over radio was unparalleled, but he enlivened the show with his ridiculous puns that gave Bennett Cerf a run for his money and it was a somber leave-taking.

Need to put the last Rosemary and Thyme on so that James can pop the disc into the mail tomorrow.

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