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» Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Hack, Hack, Hack
And no, I'm not coughing.

So I get an e-mail today that my Government credit card has been selected for a random audit. This happens occasionally; you just copy all your paperwork and bundle it in a secured envelope and send it to the auditors.

Except one teeny-tiny detail: I haven't made a purchase since May of 2007 on the card and these charges were in July.

The person who notified me of the audit sent me a copy of the expense sheet. Both charges were made on a Thursday while I was teleworking. I did some surfing on the net and one charge is to a UK magazine subscription site and the other two are for a subscription for an EMAP tower, whatever the heck that is, also located in England (the charge says Peterborough).

Can you say "hack"? I knew you could.