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» Friday, September 19, 2008
Friday Fun
Spent my day off close to home to save gas, mostly orbiting around Cumberland Mall to go to Borders and Michaels. I bought Ideals Thanksgiving and Ideals Christmas, the latter now placed in a stack with two new Christmas books I am waiting to read (I'm still waiting for a third in the mail). Also dropped in at Cost Plus Warehouse, having heard they had some Christmas things in (they do, but nothing of much account yet).

Also checked out the new Anna's Linen (nothing I needed, but nice to see that they display their curtains like the department stores used to do so you can see what they look like!) and then next door to the new Dollar Tree. Alas, they have the Colgate toothbrushes I like, the ones I usually drive out to Acworth for, but only in soft. I hate soft toothbrushes; my teeth not only don't feel clean, but they usually aren't. I did find a lovely Christmas basket to put a gift in, some cling gels in leaf form to use on my flameless candles in a fall arrangement, and three VHS tapes (yeah, I know—how quaint!). One was Animaniacs Christmas (we haven't bought the DVD sets) and two were of the old newsreels The March of Time, which ran from 1935 through 1951, narrated by Westbrook van Voorhis (isn't that a marvelous name)? Both concern aspects of World War II.

Dropped in on the Akers Mill Barnes & Noble for the first time in several months. I was able to pick up the Entertainment Weekly with Hugh Laurie on the cover and also a compilation of MAD magazine television/movie/magazine spoofs, MAD for Decades.

By this time it was lunchtime and my oatmeal had long worn off, so I came home to a sandwich of leftover turkey from dinner last night. This was yummy turkey thigh and brought me back to when my best friend and I would go out to eat at a place called The Roast House. The original place was at Lincoln Mall, but there was later one at Warwick Mall. The restaurant in its original incarnation was wonderful: they sold turkey carved right off the bird and you could ask for dark or white meat. I always had the "turkey sandwich special," dark meat on a kaiser roll, a bowl of fresh turkey soup, and a large drink (coffee milk always!). Sadly, they eventually got rid of the special and then started serving only turkey breast (ugh).

I spent the rest of the afternoon putting my craft room in order. I'd already picked up all the packing padding that was strewn about (from old Amazon boxes and kept for shipping Christmas gifts), but there were other things out of place. I sorted my scrapbooking papers, pens, glue, tape, and other things, plus cleaned off my drawing table and painted a frame. By the time I finished it was nearly dinnertime and also time to take Willow outside.

Wow! Now that the sun had gone down it was cool and breezy outside. As Willow ran around the back yard, I thought, "We ought to go somewhere where we can eat outside." So we did; we had supper at Italian Oven. They have an outdoor eating area which is strung with white "fairy lights" as the British call them, and it was nice and breezy out there. I had just plain linguini with marinara sauce, but preceded it with what I thought was a cup of Italian wedding soup. It was instead a very delicious bowl, so now I have some linguini for lunch next week. :-)

Came home to watch Cesar Millan's 100th Dog Whisperer program. All his former "clients" were on, and some of the problem dogs were featured. Near the end of the program, Cesar got to meet his childhood hero: Lassie! Following this: more What's My Line? and The Name's the Same (and now we're caught up), including a hilarious edition of the latter where the girl was named "A. Flea" and a "gotcha" for Bennett Cerf: one of the WML guests was the gentleman who had recently taken his passport photo!

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