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» Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Fresh Air Fun
All the windows are open once again! It's sunny, but it's cool! The birds are chittering at the feeder. Schuyler attempts to make contact; they are concentrating on their eating, however. I'm trying to sort out a modification which is signed but doesn't seem to be forwarding in the computer portion of the approval process. It's just told me to come back later. If you say so.

I scored two coups yesterday. I found The Life Book of Christmas (actually a three volume set) on e-Bay and a reasonably-priced copy of Tasha Tudor's Take Joy! Christmas book from a Barnes & Noble approved seller. Total less than $15. Cool! I've always wanted the Tudor; I love her beautiful, delicate watercolors. I bought The Secret Garden in hardcover just to get the lovely color plates.

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