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» Saturday, September 06, 2008
Errand Saturday
Since we're going to the Yellow Daisy Festival tomorrow, we had to get all our errands done today. We had to play catch-up a bit because of having last weekend off, so went to Kroger for the usual bananas and yogurt and found three nice discount steaks as well. James also got his prescriptions refilled; he found out that even with Kaiser's good prices, he could pay much less for about four of his meds by using the special prices at Kroger.

We crammed the perishables into an insulated bag and went to BJs for milk and cheese (oh, and omeprazole; at the rate I have to take it, I need to buy it every three weeks—I wish it came as a generic at Kroger or WalMart!). They've rearranged and have the DVDs near the greeting cards and books. Prices on seasons two and three of McHale's Navy are very tempting.

On the way home we stopped briefly for me to run inside Lowes for safflower seeds and suet cakes; we had bought seed for the wild birds at Kroger. Our flock empties the feeder once a day.

After we brought the groceries home and put them up, we could have a calmer afternoon. We stopped at the hobby shop for a little while, then went to Sports Authority. I wanted to get two of those plastic bottle holders that sling from your belt. Last year when we went to the Yellow Daisy Festival, I worked up some crude bottle holders made from wire so we could keep our hands free, but I wanted something more reliable this year. We didn't find anything like that, but we did find some non-BPA bottles that are insulated and come with a strap around the mouth that can be used as a hanger. I bought a set of three caribiners at JoAnn a few weeks back, and two of these can be used to hang the bottles at our belt. I'm planning to bring some of the Publix reusable bags with us as well.

By this time it was after four and neither of us had had lunch, so we stopped for supper at Shane's Rib Shack. I have been asking at every store for the past couple of weeks if they have a New Mexico quarter, since we have picked up an Arizona and an Oklahoma for this year, but never did find the one in the middle. When we were putting in our order, I asked the cashier at Shane's the inevitable question; he'd already closed the cash drawer and said he'd look when he opened it again. A few minutes later, after we were eating, he came over to our table wearing a grin and holding a quarter, asking if we wanted to trade. Woohoo!