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» Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Crazy Roads
This morning was...surreal. This gas thing is getting out of hand. There's a Marathon station I pass in the morning; occasionally I have stopped there to get a couple of gallons to make sure I make it home and I have always been the only car there for gas (others have stopped, but they've run in for coffee or cigarettes). This morning, all the pumps are full and there's people waiting. Ditto the Shell station on Spring Road at Campbell.

Traffic was skittery. I always take I-75 south/I-85 north in the morning because trucks aren't allowed inside the perimeter unless they are delivering to or coming from a delivery location, and because on I-285 the equation of allthose18wheelers + nearlypitchdark = scary, but there were dozens of trucks on I-85 north this morning, I think because of the tractor-trailer fire at the intersection of I-85 and I-285 (otherwise known as "Spaghetti Junction" for its tangle of overpasses).

Not to mention I was so sleepy that I'd forgotten to have my milk before I left. My stomach was growling so fiercely as I caught the occasional whiff of breakfast from an interstate-side restaurant that I was afraid it was going to leap out at the nearest McDonalds (and I hate McDonalds). The scent of pork chops from the OK Café nearly did me in. :-)