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» Friday, September 26, 2008
30 Year Old Flashbacks
So there I was, waiting 40 minutes for gas...and fuming (pun perhaps intended). Maybe it was just all the SUVs in line, guzzling, guzzling, guzzling...and I remember the 1970s, and waiting in the lines, not for gas for pleasure, but just to get to work—which is why I was in line today in the first place, not for gallivanting purposes, but to cover the 55 miles round-trip next week (I had enough gas for Monday, but I was unsure whether I would find gas for Tuesday). Out of ten gas stations I passed, eight were out of gas (even BJs). I was stuck at the RaceTrac; passed the other station, a QT, on the way home; tons of people there, too. After the gas crisis in the 1970s everyone wailed "we understand, we understand," and the car manufacturers geared up and built small fuel-efficient cars...then everyone forgot and started the nonsense over again.

James reminded me that probably most of the people buying gas today were born during the late 60s or 70s, so they don't remember...they were a minor part of the crowd at the RaceTrac, actually. Yeah, the young guy in back of me had an Exhibition...cough...sorry, ARTC joke...but a lot of the folks in the land barges were my age or older.